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  • Anti-theft lock (total lock)
  • Anti-theft lock with open windows
  • Child Safety
  • Pet Security

Locking device for sliding windows

With an elegant design and finished with the best materials, our anti-theft lock is designed to protect the house from the weakest point of our homes, the sliding windows.

The security device blocks the doors and windows even when they are open, as it has two locking positions, total blocking and partial blocking.

It works without keys or complex systems that can hinder the exit in case of emergency. It is very easy to lock and unlock. It also incorporates a parking position to store the device and have it always at hand.

Sliding windows are very easy to remove from the outside with a lever. Our anti-theft lock device prevents them from being disassembled from the outside.

You must include protection for the children. We can have the window ajar to ventilate, with the assurance that they can not bend over and have an accident.

We avoid installation costs since our anti-theft lock device is designed for quick and easy installation. We provide the installation angle so that it is very easy to find the ideal position. The installation guide and video will help you do it in a simple and clean way.

Special features:

  • Easy and quick to install.
  • Self-adhesive positioners.
  • Forced resistance.
  • Installable with basic tools.
  • Compatible with most sliding windows (See Selection Guide).

Necessary tools:

  • 100% pure acetone.
  • Drills Ø 3mm, Ø 8mm.
  • Drill

Product Content:

  • 1 anti-theft lock security device.
  • 1 magnet.
  • 1 Separator for installation.
  • 3 Standard adhesive positioners: white lacquered finish, black or gray.
  • Installation position of the angle marker.
  • 1 adapter for shock distance.
  • 1 instruction manual.

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