Swimming pool security fences

Installation of security fences for swimming pools in L'Escala, Empuriabrava, Girona and province

The installation of these security fences protects your loved ones from an accidental drowning

The swimming pool security fences have been designed and developed specifically to avoid the causes that generate accidents in swimming pools.

Asphyxia by immersion is the second cause of accidental death in children up to 5 years of age, after traffic accidents. Most young children who drown do not do so when they are learning to swim, but when they fall into the water in a moment of distraction from their caregiver.

Resistance and durability

Made with a mesh fabric incredibly strong and durable, in addition to allowing the wind to pass through perfectly and, if a cut is made with a knife, it does not tear.

Impassable and inaccessible

Security fences for swimming pools made of perforated mesh that is very resistant but small enough so that children can not hold on with their fingers and climb. The mesh does not have any type of profile so that children can not pinpoint. Although they hang with the hands of the top the 1.22m height of the fence makes it impossible to exceed it.

Transparency and visibility

Our mesh fabric is characterized by being ultra-transparent. which allows to see and control from any angle everything that happens inside the pool and its surroundings.

Versatile and elegant

Our security fences are presented in a range of 4 colors, black, brown, green and white. Its finishes and transparency are integrated in all environments in an elegant and discreet way.

They are presented in sections of different sizes to adapt perfectly to the contour of your pool, being able to install on any type of surface, concrete, pavement, tiles, wooden platform and grass.

Removable and roll-up

An adult can disassemble the fence partially or totally in just a few minutes and without using tools. Some plugs of the same color as the inserts are included so that they can go unnoticed in the pool environment.

Without maintenance

The protection fences for swimming pools are a passive safety system, they do not need electrical power and they work 365 days a year without maintenance. They do not require any kind of special treatment for cleaning, simply spraying water through a hose is sufficient. They help to keep the pool clean as they prevent the passage of small animals and remains of leaves.

Maximum quality and guarantee

The materials used in the security fences for swimming pools meet the standards of the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials).

Our swimming pool protection fences are guaranteed for 5 years at the factory and 5 years of installation and assembly.


The installation of our security fences for swimming pools is quick and easy. It is done by our team of certified installers and does not dirty the pool or the garden.

The holes are made with special diamond drilling equipment and cooled to prevent chipping or cracking on the surface of the pool.

The duration of the installation is one day, in special cases, two days.

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