Secure windows and closures

At Tancalia we acquire this commitment because we are aware that home security is one of the aspects that matter most to people, since not feeling safe influences their character and the daily life of each individual. A situation that takes more importance in the homes since, instinctively, human beings consider our habitat as a refuge area, in which we can protect ourselves from external threats, and feel more secure and calm.

Windows and closures: points to improve

Tancalia as a company dedicated to secure closings and windows is aware that several studies on home security that claim that the most common entry points to effect a theft in a home are windows and doors. The main forms of intrusion are 65% through frames and forced sheets, 11% through windows down, 8% through the breakage of glass and remains 16% in which all kinds of techniques are included. assault on a home. Regarding the most frequent attack points to enter a home security technicians say that with a percentage of 78%, windows and balconies are the most common areas. Given these data it is evident that anti-theft systems for windows and closures of balconies and terraces are the points in which they must have a higher incidence.

Anti-theft windows

And it is for this reason that in Tancalia we bet on the anti-theft windows since they are one of the security solutions with greater acceptance. These are models with anti-lever safety fittings (with certificates that indicate that they meet international safety standards), hardened metal fasteners distributed around the perimeter of the window, anti-riot laminated glass, handle with key and lock button and with system Lock and anti drill from the outside, which prevents forced entry through the window.

  • Secure windows and closures