Thermal protection windows. Long-term savings

We recommend the use of windows with thermal protection that suppose a gain of energy of up to 5 times compared to the classic windows or to the later double glazing existing in the market. The change of the old windows that mounted simple or double glass is economically very profitable. With the current prices of heating oil, with the new windows with thermal protection glass, it is possible to amortize them in 10 years.

In Tancalia we are committed to a new energy model, a fact that involves a series of global measures that result from adjusting economic interests and respect for the environment and, therefore, the quality of life of people and future generations.

The sum of daily habits in the consumption of energy by all of us also has direct and indirect effects on the environment, either by depleting resources, increasing the production of waste, etc. That is why it is important to be aware of this fact and adopt habits that respect the environment and ourselves.

At Tancalia we are aware that these global measures will not be completely effective if there is no change in individual behavior from which energy is used rationally in everyday activities. For all this we acquire a commitment as a company, making use of materials and products that help our customers to promote and facilitate a more responsible and sustainable energy consumption in their homes and with greater respect for the environment

And although, for some, these measures of efficiency and energy saving may seem insignificant, in Tancalia we believe that it is precisely the small individual and collective actions that trigger the great changes.

  • Tancalia recommends windows with thermal protection