Habitat HOT

HOT seeglass are the new range of heaters particularly suitable for outdoor areas.

Our infrared heaters and halogen shortwave combined with an improved technique. The result is a highly efficient heating technology. which is particularly suitable for the outer zone.

Infrared radiation are narural representing almost 50% of the total spectrum sunlight. If the infrared radiation penetrates our skin, it triggers a pleasant thermal sensation. Therefore, also it called thermal radiation.
The word "infrared '(Latin' 1nfra" lower, below) clarifies that is a region of electromagnetic radiation, which is above the red end of the visible light spectrum and, therefore, does not contain ultraviolet rays in the radiation spectrum.

Due to its wavelength, the infrared radiation penetrates well shortwave especially in the air, regardless of the temperature thereof. Thus it is clear, why in the winter, even though the outside temperature is relatively low, the sun is feeling a pleasant warmt

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