Hörmann Front and internal doors

Doors made of steel, stainless steel and aluminium Hörmann offers a complete range of products for almost every construction opening

Sale and installation of hight quality Hörmann front and internal doors at l'Escala


Front doors

Which front door meets your requirements?

Your front door should be very special. It should match the style of your home and be prestigious, expressing your good taste

Discover the four front door versions from Europe’s no. 1 manufactutrer. Each one is guaranteed to meet your demands in its own way. Yet they all have one thing in common: true Hörmann brand quality!

Brochure: https://www.hormann.co.uk/fileadmin/_country/kataloge/pdf/86672-KV-Hausturen-1802-RG-EN.pdf


Thermo65 and Thermo46 front doors

Thermo65 and Thermo46 steel front doors in proven Hörmann quality

Hörmann Thermo65 and Thermo46 front doors make it easy to feel relaxed. This is because these high-quality construction components are characterised by excellent thermal insulation valuesreliable security equipment, a large selection of styles and an attractive price-performance ratio.

Brochure: https://www.hormann.co.uk/fileadmin/_country/kataloge/pdf/85828-Thermo65-Thermo46_Haus-und_Eingangstueren_EN.pdf


Residential internal doors

Discover a new feeling of home with high-quality residential internal doors.

With a Hörmann residential internal timber door you are choosing a "door for life". Our uncompromising quality assurance guarantees that our products have a long service life.

Whether classic or modern, White lacquer or Beech, with glass elements or stainless steel embellishments – Hörmann offers you the timber internal door that suits you and your furnishings perfectly.

Brochure: https://www.hormann.co.uk/fileadmin/_country/kataloge/pdf/86996_Residential_Doors_EN.pdf


Puertas funcionales para su vivienda

The right door for every room – comfort guaranteed

Whether for new construction projects or modernisations, Hörmann offers you suitable doors for every area of your home. Whether security doors for basements or the entrance to garages, fire-retarding doors for boiler rooms or multi-purpose doors for hobby rooms – our high-quality steel doors ensure that you feel perfectly comfortable and safe within your four walls. Discover all advantages and functions of our steel doors with their individual design possibilities.

Brochure: https://www.hormann.co.uk/fileadmin/_country/kataloge/pdf/85115-Stahltueren-EN.pdf


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