PVC and aluminum windows for comfortable environments in L'Escala

We adapt to your space to design an unparalleled comfort experience

In Tancalia, the concepts of comfort and PVC and aluminum joinery are closely related. In our company we understand comfort as everything that produces well-being and comfort to people and we acquire the commitment to make the homes and commercial activities of our customers become really comfortable spaces providing them with the PVC and aluminum carpentry elements necessary to achieve that they feel more comfortable in them.

This commitment is one of our main objectives since we are aware that a pleasant sensation makes people focus on daily tasks. We acquire this commitment as a need that people have to feel good in the places and environments in which we will spend most of our lives, our home and the spaces in which we develop our professional activity. And that is why we want to actively contribute to you living in a more pleasant space with an environment that makes your life easier

Comfort temperature and redesigned spaces

The main example of our commitment to comfort is the attainment of environments with a comfortable temperature that will help us obtain pleasant spaces to live in the home and in spaces of professional activity that, thanks to the pleasant feeling that its occupants experience being in they invite you to stay in them for a longer time.

Another example of comfort is the redistribution of existing spaces designing harmonious environments so that its inhabitants can enjoy them in a more pleasant and full.

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