Open the door of your garage with the mobile

Join Parkingdoor and check your garage door with your mobile phone simply and safely

What is Parkingdoor?
A system composed of an intelligent device, which is placed next to the garage door, a management website and iOS and Android mobile apps.
With Parkingdoor in your garage, you can give access to the people you want so they can open the door with your mobile only when you want.

Forget the key or the key to the garage.
Parkingdoor turns your mobile into the control of the garage. You will no longer have to worry about getting the remote when leaving the house or leaving it forgotten in another car

Share your place of garage in a comfortable and safe way.
From the web and apps you can give access to your garage to other people with your own mobile. They can only enter and leave the garage in the periods you give them permission.

All your controls in the same app.
If you have several garages you do not need to carry a remote for each of them, with Parkingdoor * your mobile will become the universal remote.

* You need to place a Parkingdoor device on each door